Marketers Pick: The Best Metrics for Social Media Monitoring

We asked marketers about the essential metrics that help them measure, benchmark, and develop their brand´s social performance. Here are the most popular answers!

Marketers Pick: The Best Metrics for Social Media Monitoring

You’ve probably heard us say it before: succussful social marketing measurement is not defined by just one metric, its about all of them! Instead, its about setting your business objectives, selecting the right mix of the right metrics, and building your own measurement framework with the help of score cards that work best for your brand. For example, companies that focus on customer service should monitor their Response Rates and Times and follow the Socially Devoted standard. If your main objective is to build an engaging Facebook community, you’ll need to analyze your key influencers for product and service feedback and for possible brand ambassador opportunities.

We asked our community of marketers to choose the metrics that are most useful to them. These are the the results:

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  • Reach (organic, paid, and viral)
  • Post interactions (Likes, Comments, and Shares)
  • Engagement Rate
  • Click through rates and conversions from each activity
  • Key influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Fan growth and momentum of your page
  • Socially Devoted as a standard for customer service (Response Rate, Response Times)

The Engagement Rate Formula offers a huge advantage in that it can be applied across three different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. And don´t forget that measuring your performance is not enough – you need to benchmark your results against your competitors’ or industry’s for valuable insights! Analytics PRO allows you to monitor, not only your social media performance, but also the social media efforts of other brands across Facebook and Twitter.

Another benefit of the Engagement Rate formula is, that its a publicly comparable metric. With the Facebook People Talking About transferring into other metrics, we need new metrics in a both open (publicly comparable) and closed environment that would best fit social engagement. The best social marketing players are already using Socialbakers Analytics to do this.

We welcome every open opinion, so please make sure to participate in the question mentioned above.

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