Feature Update to Ads Audit! Find Out How New Changes to Facebook Ads Affects You

A couple of weeks ago we outlined the radical changes that Facebook intends to make to the types of ads that it offers to marketers. Now we’ve found a way to show brands if their usual choice of ad types will be affected! Read on to find out how to take advantage of the new feature and receive a free advertising performance report.

Feature Update to Ads Audit! Find Out How New Changes to Facebook Ads Affects You

What this Change Means for Existing Ads

As we’ve already mentioned, Facebook will be streamlining and simplifying its ads portfolio for marketers, which is great news! Instead of choosing between a large number of ad options, you will be able to choose your ad types by what you want to accomplish from the campaign. This will make it much easier when choosing which types of ads will perform best for your business.

Facebook will be cutting their 27 advert options down by more than half. The updated choices will be streamlined according to the most important business goals for marketers, whether it be on-line sales, in-store traffic, building fan base or brand image, and more.

This means that some of the ad types that you may previously have used may disappear. For example, since marketers realized that they can simply ask a question in a Post and receive answers in the comments section, Facebook will be cutting its questions products for Pages. Another ads option that will be cut is the online product offer since marketers have found that using Page post link ad is a more effective way to drive users to their website for specific deals.

Make Sure You’ve Still Got the Most Effective Ads for Your Campaign

So how will you know if your usual options are still valid? Well we’ve been working on a solution for you! We’ve added a new feature to our free Ads Audit tool which will not only allow you to check if your usual ad types will be discontinued, but will also still give you a completely free report, showing your brands top performing ads! And the sooner you take advantage of it the better! Facebook will be implementing these changes very soon.

To receive your free ads performance report, visit http://ads.socialbakers.com/audit. Log in with your brand’s Facebook account and Socialbakers will generate your customized report for free!

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