Infographic: The Greatest Moments from Wimbledon on Twitter

Which top tennis player gained the most mentions on Twitter? Did your country create the most buzz around the championship? To find out the answers and more, check out our infographic dedicated to the Wimbledon craze!

Infographic: The Greatest Moments from Wimbledon on Twitter

There was collective disbelief, shock, and awe as Great Britain toasted their first home champion since the long-trouser-wearing Fred Perry 77 years ago. The major success of Andy Murray, referred to as the first British man to win Wimbledon in shorts, was intensively shared via social media. The official Wimbledon Twitter account provided its followers with regular updates and the number of mentions about this account went through the roof. The profile acquired 135 820 followers and was mentioned 411 348 times during the championship (June 24th – July 7th).

It’s no wonder that United Kingdom, the home of Wimbledon, became the most active to tweet about the matches, the players, and the overall atmosphere from the courts. Almost 70K tweets were posted in response to the fact that a British player finally got his hands on the trophy after eight decades!

French player Marion Bartoli dominated the women´s singles and ended her long wait for a major crown. For the most mentioned players, the most engaging tweets, and the Wimbledon buzz map, check out the infographic!

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