Another Great Update to Ads Audit! Keep Up with Facebook’s Latest Changes with our Ad Upgrader

In previous weeks, we’ve discussed the radical improvements that Facebook will make to their Ads. We’re offering, yet another new feature to our Ads Audit tool that allows you to make sure your ads remain optimized in light of changes. And we’re offering it for free!

Another Great Update to Ads Audit! Keep Up with Facebook’s Latest Changes with our Ad Upgrader

Updates to Facebook Ads are Coming Soon!

Facebook has decided trim the number of its ad options by more than half. Now, instead of trying to make the right ad choice from around 27 options, advertisers will be able to select their ad types according to the goals they want to achieve. The streamlined ads will help brands to meet their business goals, such as driving in-store traffic, promoting brand awareness, or building a fan base.

Because of this update, specific ad choices will be depreciated. We want to make sure that all of your ads stay relevant, so we’ve added a new feature to our free Ads Audit tool, not only to determine which ads will be affected by the update, but also to help you upgrade them according to your goals.

How it Works!

Follow these simple steps to start upgrading your ads today!

  1. Log into via your brand’s Facebook account.
  2. Run your free Ads Audit Report.
  3. Once you have received the report, you will see a section dedicated to upgrading your ads.
  4. There, you can find a list of your current ads that will be affected by Facebook’s update.
  5. To upgrade your ad to the new format, simply press “Proceed.”
  6. You will then be able to preview the new ad suggestions that have been calculated for you.
  7. Click “Finalize” to replace the old ad (the old ad will be paused).

And that’s that!

Make sure that your ad campaign works to its fullest potential! What are you waiting for? Run your free Ads Audit report today!

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