Tracking The Royal Baby Buzz

Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed the newest royal – a healthy baby boy! People have been camping out around the hospital just waiting for a glimpse of the third in line to the throne. And the interest hasn’t stopped there. Twitter is ablaze with updates and post about the royal baby.

Tracking The Royal Baby Buzz

News about the baby has been trending worldwide. Not only has the global media covered the birth of the latest monarch, but social media has been buzzing about the royal baby. We used our Listening tool to follow trending hashtag #royalbaby over the last couple of months, to see just how much of a stir the boy has created on Twitter.

Twitter Mentions about #royalbaby

When following the #royalbaby mentions in April, fans seemed indifferent, mentioning this hashtag merely 107 times. However, the pace quickened, gaining 860 more mentions throughout May. The real leap occurred from June to July, from 8 143 mentions to a whopping 956 194!

Looking at the mentions over the last two weeks, fans included this hashtag in their tweets, gradually increasing in quantity as the days came closer to the due date (aside for a small fluctuation over the weekend). The real triumph came on the 22nd of July, the newborn’s birthday! This hashtag boasts 746 785 mentions in one day! Talk about a trending topic!

@BritishMonarchy is a Hit

The British Monarchy’s official Twitter profile has periodically updated followers with news of the royal baby. And fans have appreciated these posts, steadily joining this handle’s follower base over the last month. However, numbers skyrocketed on the day of the baby’s birth, increasing by over 40K new followers!

One tweet from @BritishMonarchy rose above the rest, gaining a 0.73% engagement rate, 3 830 retweets and 1 619 favorites! Not only are the Queen and Prince Philip delighted about the new baby – so are Twitter followers.

Brands Are Jumping on the Royal Baby Craze

Brands are also taking advantage of this trending topic as a marketing opportunity to share their brand with royal baby followers.

@StarbucksUK added an adorable touch to their well-known to-go coffee cups, adorning them with crowns and congratulating the newest addition to the monarchy.

@Oreo also jumped on the bandwagon, posting a baby bottle next to an oreo, served on a delux red, crushed velvet pillow. They also added some humor to this post, adding, “LONG LIVE THE CREME” to the image.

@Delta recognized this marketing opportunity by creating an image in reaction to the royal birth. This one features a baby mobile, stocked with Delta planes and a royal crown.

Stay tuned for Twitter updates on the royal baby, brought to you by Socialbakers.

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