Video Boom on Twitter: The Rise of YouTube, Instagram, and Vine

Videos are experiencing a huge boom in social media as Instagram joins Vine and YouTube as a third promising video sharing platform with significant marketing potential.

Video Boom on Twitter: The Rise of YouTube, Instagram, and Vine

After Instagram announced that it will expand its static-images-sharing community with 15 second videos as a response to Twitter´s 6 second looping Vine, marketers unleashed a discussion about which option they should adopt for their brands and which will monetize best – YouTube videos or newcomers Vine or Instagram?

It has been about a month since Instagram stepped into the game (June 20th 2013), so we decided to have a look at the popularity of YouTube, Vine, and Instagram amongst marketers on Twitter. Which video sharing platform dominated the newsfeeds from June 19th – July 19th 2013? As seen below, most profile admins preferred to tweet YouTube videos during the studied time range. Of course, YouTube had a running start thanks to its inception in 2006 and it’s brand notoriety through Google. Not to mention the fact that 1 billion unique users that visit YouTube each month. The 100 million+ Vine user base takes second place after YouTube and Instagram will seemingly reach that fan base with Facebook´s 1 billion+ user audience.

We pulled the data from 1 141 brand profiles on Twitter, looking at 5 933 tweets from June 19th – July 19th 2013.

When it comes to engagement, YouTube videos (0.0355%) got the most action, followed by Vine (0.0206%) and Instagram (0.0111%). Surprisingly though, Vine videos were slightly more retweeted than YouTube videos, which could be due to their looping nature and the fact that they are so easy to produce and consume. One of our recent studies already revealed that Vine is catching up on engagement with YouTube. Instagram videos, on the other hand, offer 13 filters, editing features, a tap to focus feature, anti-shake technology, and the option to choose a cover frame that should appear in the newsfeed as a preview of the produced video, so it seems natural that their popularity will rise. The great news is that you can embed all the video sharing platforms onto your web or blog. Let us now in the comments section below which video sharing platform you prefer!

Here are some examples of engaging YouTube, Instagram, and Vine videos:

1. Instagram – Claires UK

2. YouTube – Dove Men Care

3. Vine – Adidas

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