Key Stats from Facebook Q2 Call: Now at 1.15 Billion Users!

The Socialbakers team was excited to hear Facebook's results from it's Q2 earnings call last night. Facebook is performing exceptionally well, and we've summarised some of the key points so that you can see what's interesting from an advertising and user perspective.

Key Stats from Facebook Q2 Call: Now at 1.15 Billion Users!
  • Facebook has 1.155 billion users – an increase of 45 million users
  • Mobile monthly active users has grown by 51% last year to 819 million – 219 million are mobile only!
  • Mobile daily active users are at 469 million users
  • Revenue in Q2 2013 was $1.81 billion, of which $1.59 billion was from advertising
  • 41% of all advertising revenue came from mobile advertising – this is a huge jump compared to last quarter’s 30% figure

Other Interesting Facts:

  • 5 million videos were uploaded on Instagram in just the first day alone
  • Facebook has 1 million active advertisers (getting the Average budget per advertiser to $1590 per quarter) – interesting stats if you apply the 80:20 rule
  • 100 million monthly active users use the app, “Facebook for Every Phone” for native phones (intended to reach audiences where smartphones are not yet generally affordable)

Regional Facebook Monthly Active Users Split is:


Rest of World (Africa, LATAM) – 346 million users

Asia – 339 million users

Europe – 272 million users

US & Canada – 198 million users

Mobile is skyrocketing and these Facebook stats prove it. In fact, 41% of Facebook revenue comes from mobile! This is truly amazing!


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