Measure Social Customer Service Right with Socialbakers Analytics Pro

It´s been a year since we´ve introduced Socially Devoted as a customer care standard and we were the first company to bring metrics to measure social customer care performance.

Measure Social Customer Service Right with Socialbakers Analytics Pro

In fact, our Socially Devoted industry standard has been widely adopted by key industry players. When we started tracking the number of questions brands respond to on Facebook and Twitter and evaluating the time it takes them to get back to their fans/followers, we realized that sharing the quarterly results would not be sufficient for the more advanced companies. Social media managers need to be able to measure their social customer care on a regular basis and benchmark themselves against their competition or industry in order to reflect the demand within the market. Our Socialbakers Analytics Pro tool can do just that. We’ll give you a walk-through of five steps that should become part of your ritual when assessing the level of social customer care you´re providing to your audience.

1. General Response Rate for User Questions

After selecting the brands you are interested in, select a time range, and check out the Response Rate section. The pie chart shows both the number and percentage of questions the brand has responded to, as well as the percentage of those that were unanswered. To be a Socially Devoted brand, you should achieve a 65% Response Rate!

2. Daily Response Rate for User Questions

This chart will show the Response Rate broken down into individual days, allowing you to evaluate the daily quality of customer service. These short-term objectives are important in the long run.

3. Responded vs. Unanswered User Questions

Want to compare the number of questions you haven´t answered to the ones you have responded to? No problem! This chart is a great indicator of your daily Response Rate. If one of the bars shows a negative result, scroll back to that day on your timeline, try figuring out why they were left unanswered, and try responding to as many as you can retrospectively. It´s never too late to get back to someone and you never know, the person you ignored could become your newest customer!

4. Response Time for User Questions

Not responding in a timely manner is off-putting for fans that are anxious for information. Many customers do not have the time to wait for standard customer service channels, such as call centers or email, and expect prompt responses from social care teams. So, keep your customers satisfied and be sure to answer their questions as quickly as possible.

5. Response Rate vs. Number of Questions

You can also compare your Response Rate to the number of questions you receive to get an idea of how well you are communicating with fans. It becomes even more interesting when you decide to benchmark your performance against your competition to see where you stand in your industry.

Our mission is not only to point out the best practices in social customer service on Facebook and Twitter but also to educate social media managers on how they can measure all possible metrics around their Page´s Response Rate and Response Time. Socialbakers Analytics PRO is the best tool to help you accomplish your social media goals! Sign-up for a free 14-day trial now!

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