Social Customer Care Survey – See How The Best Social Teams Operate! [INFOGRAPHIC]

We surveyed some of the world’s most Socially Devoted companies to find out how they manage their social media. In which departments do the teams sit? How many people does it take to build a successful team? Find out this and much more….

Social Customer Care Survey – See How The Best Social Teams Operate! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yesterday, we announced our latest Socially Devoted results and an amazing infographic demonstrating that brands continue to improve their social customer care, answering more questions than ever!

This quarter, we decided to do more. We said to ourselves: Socialbakers always provides more than just the statistics, it also provides recommendations. So when we received the results of the survey for the Socially Devoted brands, we decided to link it to their actual performance. For the first time in history, we can correlate real social media stats with the decisions these companies made on how and where to structure their social media teams, and how they are performing, where to place customer service, and more.

We will leave you to draw your own conclusions from the data; here is the second Socially Devoted infographic, based on our in-house Socialbakers research:

How does your social customer care measure up against the world’s best brands? You can find out easily right here.

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