The World’s Best Brands at Social Customer Care on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic shows industries and brands that provide the best level of social customer care on Twitter. Did yours make it to the Socially Devoted ranking?

The World’s Best Brands at Social Customer Care on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Socially Devoted Q2 results show that brand profiles on Twitter leave many user questions unanswered. Last quarter, companies responded to 38% of the questions they received on Twitter, whereas the latest results show a 3% drop in Response Rates. Still, the current percentage is far from the benchmark we have set up as the Socially Devoted standard. Maintaining a 2-way communications channel and responding to at least 65% of the received inquiries are the basics in today´s realm of social customer care. It is encouraging to see that companies are progressively adapting to the fact that many social media savvy people prefer social networks as opposed to often busy call centers.

“Despite a lower Response Rate, comparatively, there has been a year over year increase in the absolute number of responses. This is due to the fact that Twitter does not have the option to close profiles to user posts as other platforms do”, says Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab in a comment to the latest results.

By looking at the Response Rates broken down into industries, you can see that brands from the airline, finance, and telecom industries communicate most with their fans. The mentioned top 3 are consistently performing well, not only on Twitter but also across Facebook. The infographic below shows that the airline industry has improved its Response Rate significantly from Q2 2012, which is also supported by the fact that American Airlines and KLM got into the top 10 most Socially Devoted rankings!

Tip: How fast a brand responds to questions from its followers is also an indicator of the resources the company allocates to customer service. Tune in tomorrow for the fastest responding brands on Twitter! Meanwhile, check the results from last quarter here.

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