Growth of Asian countries on Facebook

Let's look at Asian growth on Facebook. We bring you latest growth of countries in the last 6 months.

Growth of Asian countries on Facebook

Asia has more than 166 million people using Facebook today so let’s take a closer look on the growth of the top 10 countries in the last 6 month.

With the increase of 11.3 million users is India the number one growing country on Facebook in Asia. At the beginning of year 2011, India had Facebook population of 17.3 million users and during the six-month period the number of users increases to 28.6 million. The huge increase corresponds to 65.3 % change.

India is followed by Indonesia which has 6.4 million new users (+ 19.9 % change). The third place belongs to Philippines with the increase of 5.8 million users (+30.0 % change). The fourth place belongs to Thailand (+3.6 million new users, +53.9 % change).

Top 5 list of most growing countries in Asia is closed by Japan. Japan actually doubled the number of Facebook users during the last six months. At the beginning of year 2011 Japan had only 1.8 million Facebook users where now number of users has passed 3.7 million! This corresponds to +104% change which is the highest growth in the Asian countries overall.

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