Socialbakers Introduces a New Engagement Metric

Here, at Socialbakers, we’re always looking for opportunities to bring value to our clients. Our busy development team works hard and drinks a lot of coffee in its quest to find new ways to measure the ever changing world of social media.

Socialbakers Introduces a New Engagement Metric

Take Engagement Rate, for example. It was developed so that our clients could determine the influence of their content on social media. We measure the amount of likes, comments and shares and take into account a page’s total fan base to show the percentage of your fans, that on average interact with your post. This has proved to be crucial metric for measuring a brand’s success.

However, there are those that argues that it is not just Fans of pages that interact with content (i.e. click on a link, watch a video, etc.). So when we heard some calls for a metric that measures interaction based on Reach (the total number of people that received impressions of a post), for example in this blog, it got us thinking…

We know that the majority of interactions with brands’ content tends to be by Fans. But we thought there there could be some instances when something that measures interactions based on Reach might be useful.

So we decided to create a new metric in Analytics for the Pages that you administer, called Reach Engagement. It will give you a bit of extra information about how successful your posts are.

To be clear, Reach Engagement cannot be used to compare your brand to competitors or to market benchmarks, because the metric is only accessible to the page admins themselves.

We still see our normal Engagement Rate as being absolutely integral to understanding your brand’s social media presence in relation to your market, but we’d love to hear your feedback about how useful you find this new metric. How could you use it?

Get in contact with us and let us know!

Here’s how to activate it: To check out this metric, you will need to activate Facebook Insights within Analytics PRO for the Pages that you manage. This can be done in three, easy steps. If you have trouble with these steps, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

1. If you are using a Facebook account with administrator rights for the page (and you are monitoring the page within Analytics PRO), go to the Page Detail from your Dashboard by clicking on the name or thumbnail of the page. If you are not the admin for the page, please contact your admin to make you one.

2. Once in the Page Detail, look for the “Admin Stats” option in the left-hand menu. Click the “Enable” button.

3. You will be asked to grant us a Facebook permission token, so that Socialbakers can download the Insights data on your behalf.

4. Once you agree to this, Insights should be fully operational within Analytics PRO. You can find the Reach Engagement in the “Posts” tab as one of the metrics for each post.

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