Finding The Right Engagement Rate for your Facebook Page

Engagement Rate is an invaluable metric that allows brands to monitor how well they engage their audience over social networks. But how do you calculate the perfect engagement rate for your Page?

Finding The Right Engagement Rate for your Facebook Page

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Not only does Engagement Rate correlate with reach, but it also directly impacts the way you should communicate with your fans over social media. It is important to monitor your pages’ Engagement Rates in order to see how you perform in terms of reaching your fans, and in comparison to your competitors. You can calculate your Engagement Rate by using this equation:

Once you have figured out the Engagement Rate for your page, benchmark it against the global and industry standards found in the charts below.

Larger Pages have a Harder Time Engaging their Audience

The larger the fan base a page has, the more challenging it is for them to engage their audience. This means that admins of larger pages need to create even better quality content so that fans will interact with it. We measured the average Engagement Rates of brands from differing Facebook page sizes to determine the global standard. As you can see, it becomes difficult for pages with 1M+ fans to share their posts with large amounts of fans. Brands with smaller fan bases have an easier time reaching the fans they have, but this is no excuse for not trying to create the best content possible to help build a larger fan base and keep fans connected to the brand.

Where Does your Brand Place in your Industry’s Standard?

Once you have calculated your page’s Engagement Rate, you can see where you rank in your industry by comparing your percentage with those in the chart below. It is important to benchmark your performance against your competition to determine whether your brand is being effective in social media.

The Automobile Industry comes in first with a .96% Engagement Rate! Automotive brands perform remarkably and companies from other industries should strive to engage their audiences as well.

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