South America on Facebook in numbers. Brasil still strong!

Development of South America on Facebook

South America on Facebook in numbers. Brasil still strong!

Almost six months have passed since the beginning of year 2011 so it’s time to check the evolution of South American countries and their Facebook usage. South America as a continent started this year with approx. 56 million Facebook users overall. Facebook usage in the end of July 2011 is about 81 million users so the continent grew strong gaining around 25 million new users (which is almost 45 % growth!) in the first half of the year.

Below is current list of South American countries, their usage of Facebook and their development in the last 6 months:

Brasil continues its rocket growth and has currently more than 20 million Facebook users. Brasil has been very strong in the last 6 months, it has broadened its Facebook base by around 133 % growth.

Argentina – which was #1 Facebook country in the beginning of this year dropped to second place with 15 million users (25 % growth) and is closely followed by Colombia (14.5 million users).

The fourth biggest increase we’ve noticed was in case of Peru (57 % growth) which gives it in total over 6 million Facebook users.

We recommend keeping an eye on Brasil and its great growth and are excited about their future Facebook development.

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