Sharing is Caring – Which Facebook Pages Get the Most Love?

They say that sharing is caring. But on which brand pages do fans show the most love?

Sharing is Caring – Which Facebook Pages Get the Most Love?

We took a look at some of the most shared fan posts on Facebook for brands over the last 90 days. Of the top 50 posts shared worldwide, here is brief snapshot of the brands with the most shared posts over this summer.

Several of these brands had posts that received high share counts, but by the sum of their shares these are the top 10 brands for the last 90 days. By creating two-way communication with users on their walls, companies are encouraging fan interaction and brand loyalty. Take a look at some top posts to see how your brand can reach this kind of adoration.

Get a Helping Hand

Not only do these brands get a lot of “love” from their fans, but every now and then, companies receive a helping hand. In Pillsbury’s post, a mother is sharing a picture of Pillsbury cinnamon buns that her 16-month-old son made for his grandmother, and fans ate it up, giving this photo post a whopping 10 166 shares.

By opening up your wall and creating relationships with your fans, not only do you gain more enthusiastic fans, but they can also help to add creative content to your social marketing campaigns.

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