Socialbakers Survey Shows that 76% of Brands Manage Social Media Advertising Internally

Last week Socialbakers conducted a huge survey to find out how brands all over the world manage their social media. We’ll be releasing exclusive results to the brands that took part, but in the meantime here’s just a small taste of the information we found…

Socialbakers Survey Shows that 76% of Brands Manage Social Media Advertising Internally

Results from our survey of social media marketers showed that over 80% of brands manage all of their copywriting, design, publishing and internally. Not only that, but Facebook advertising is managed in-house too, with 76% of brands boosting content themselves.

So why is social media advertising managed in house when so many of the external advertising efforts of brands are entrusted to agencies?

The answer is not only cost and ease. As our CEO Jan Rezab recently blogged, Brands can no longer rely on organic reach to be seen. Not only are more brands posting content on Facebook, but fans are liking more pages, which means that their newsfeeds are becoming increasingly cluttered. To stand out above the crowd, brands are increasingly turning to paid (or promoted) Posts in the Newsfeed.

By managing their own social media, brands are in the position to boost engagement and optimize paid posts at exactly the right time depending on Fan activity. And this is becoming more and more crucial.

Of course this is when things can start to get complicated, especially for brands that market more than one product or need to promote more than one post at a time. Not only do you need to keep track of the optimal time to boost a post, but you also need to be able to examine the results of how each boosted post performed in order to ensure you are getting the full potential from Facebook.

Now if only there were a tool that could help these in-house teams maximize their engagement and effectiveness of their Facebook ads…

Well, it might not surprise you to hear that we have a solution coming soon! Stay tuned for more information on Ad Analytics, and find out how you can get the most out of your Facebook promoted posts.

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