Socialbakers Survey Finds 51% of Brands Prefer Advertising on Facebook

Brands are as ubiquitous as people on Facebook these days. Anyone regularly logged into the social network can tell you that social advertising is alive and well. But what has drawn brands from every industry--from aerospace to fashion--to engage the Facebook population?

Socialbakers Survey Finds 51% of Brands Prefer Advertising on Facebook

Quite simply, brands prefer Facebook because it is by far the most populated social network. As of March of this year Facebook has claimed 1.1 billion active users worldwide. Among the largest markets, according to Socialbakers’ statistics, over 78% of Internet users in the United States are on Facebook, with 68% in the United Kingdom, and almost 76% in Australia. A social network of this magnitude produces connections between brands and fans, and friends of fans that were previously impossible to notice.

According to a recent survey conducted by Socialbakers, of the four of the biggest social networks Facebook trumps Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. But there are reasons besides population size that make Facebook an exciting place for advertisers.

Facebook offers targeting controls which guide brands through the many facets of their demographics, such as fan age, location, broad and specific interests, and employment. Other networks like YouTube offer similar targeting, but producing content for Facebook is cheapest and most effective when you consider the kind of reach brands achieve. And with every post, new metrics for understanding fan engagement arise from the flurry of Likes, comments and shares.

As the number of digital natives climbs, traditional media campaigns are losing penetration. Brands are adopting new techniques and best practices for online campaigning and social advertising. Doing so, they phase into a market that favors 2-way communication with fans, where brands can learn in real-time what content resonates strongest and curate their Facebook Pages for bigger fan communities.

At Socialbakers, we recognize the potential for social advertising on Facebook. And we’re getting ready to launch an ad optimization tool designed to help brands manage, interpret, and engage their campaigns with informed precision. Stay tuned to this blog for more information on Ad Analytics!

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