TOP Electronics brands on Facebook – PlayStation keeps the lead!

PlayStation as number one electronics brand on Facebook!

TOP Electronics brands on Facebook – PlayStation keeps the lead!

Today, we would like to look deeper into the high-tech gadgets and explore Electronics market on Facebook. Let’s look at the TOP 5 Electronic brands and see how they perform on Facebook.

These are the current TOP5 Electronics brands on Socialbakers:

The leading position on the list belongs to PlayStation (kept by Sony Computer Entertainment America) with an impressive number of fans over 16 million and with the second biggest growth in the last month (4, 28%).

iPod (kept by Apple) and Xbox (Microsoft) are running battle occupying the second and third position with a similar number of fans over 10 million, when iPod is doing better when it comes to the number of fans, but Xbox is doing really well with the biggest fan growth within the last 30 days (5, 44%).

BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson have both slightly over 4 % of fan growth for the last month and occupy the fourth and fifth place on the list.

What´s interesting is that if we take a look into the situation within the last 7 days, PlayStation remains the leader in the number of new fans (142 943 so far). In the number of new fans in the last week, the second position would belong to Xbox (127 723), and iPod would be the third with 81 796 new fans.

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