Data says, “Majority of Facebook Ads Now on News Feed”

Building communities of fans and affinity for your brand’s content is not just a matter of consistent posting on your Facebook wall. Social advertising on the platform has moved to the News Feed, and reach has become a question of real time strategy and targeting.

Data says, “Majority of Facebook Ads Now on News Feed”

In preparation for the launch of Ad Analytics, the next step in Socialbakers’ PRO suite, we’ve been discussing the fierce attention market on Facebook’s News Feed. With paid reach, gone are the days of betting on organic. Boosting content amplifies your brand’s reach, but success means knowing what and when to boost.

Social advertising produces metrics which if effectively analyzed can power your social strategy. Ad Analytics is an ad optimization platform which aggregates performance metrics and turns them into ad intelligence. Build reputation and affinity for your brand on Facebook with custom audiences, advanced targeting, and automatic ad boosting.

A new generation of social business has arrived, and bringing your brand’s core values to life in the News Feed is all about real time. Don’t get left behind! Stay tuned to this blog to learn more about Ad Analytics, and for the launch on September 25!

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