Top Boosting Tips for Reach and Targeting

In preparation for the launch of Ad Analytics, the next step in Socialbakers’ PRO analytics suite, we offer some helpful boosting tips for your social strategy!

Top Boosting Tips for Reach and Targeting

As we have covered in yesterday’s article, a majority of Facebook ads are now in the News Feed, opening a deeper integration of messages and users. Brands can amplify their best posts and content by boosting it to reach a more targeted audience. But is it enough to just boost posts? Below are seven top boosting tips from Socialbakers!

1. Its not only about Friends of Fans

For every post, Facebook offers post boosting to one default group – Friends of Fans. This is a good group, but sometimes, you might want to just reach your fans, and sometimes, you might want to reach a lot more. And best of all, you might want to reach a combination of that.

Recommendation: The best way is to think about which content to amplify to fans, friends of fans, and then target messages to a particular country or a particular target or custom audience

2. Try using unpublished / Ghost posts

An unpublished post is a post that is not visibly available on the Facebook page itself, and it allows the people to market many messages at the same time, making it perfectly viable for eCommerce, Travel (Hotels), and many others that want to target more things at the same time.

Recommendation: Try using unpublished posts a few times a week, and target them to new and unique audiences, and by analyzing the results.

3. Use unpublished posts to test content

An unpublished post can be used really well to test new content strategies, perhaps if you are thinking of starting to post new things on your Facebook page, it’s better to run it first for a specific target audience.

4. Become an explorer of new target audiences

Don’t only use demographic targeting – maybe your customers are fans of something else – try looking at the most favorite communities that your demographic also likes, try multi-variant advertising to these different communities. This will allow you to tailor your content across multiple ads in a single campaign.

5. Use custom audiences

At Socialbakers, we believe that all social advertising in 12 months will use some form of custom audiences – today you can not only use a custom audience using Facebook UIDs, but you can use a custom audience also from emails, from phone number databases, and announced by Facebook yesterday, you can also use it from IDs of Apple devices (so any install base of your iOS app).

6. Understand fan overlaps – post first

In social media, if your competitors or companies targeting the same audience have a big fan overlap and post before you, they win the engagement and reach for that day, so you might want to consider posting first. Competitor fan overlap, time of day and placement effectives for ads, alongside custom audiences and other forms of advanced targeting, are just a few techniques which power the most effective boosting strategy.

7. And most importantly, simplify the workflow

Real time engagement on Facebook’s News Feed has accelerated demands for content publishers and community managers to be aligned with the people that promote the content. This process has to be extremely attentive, agile and–well, engaged!

Brands and agencies have recognized that part of the social media process, it’s best to keep their marketing teams, from content writers to advertising, in close communication and proximity. Getting the most from the News Feed requires a stepped up publication process, one which cannot thrive if your content creators and promoters are in separate buildings.

Analyze. Optimize. Discover. Boost. Manage.

Of course, if you want to do more than boost posts using the native “Boost post” functionality on Facebook, you will have to go through the lengthy ad creation process regardless if you are a brand or agency. There you can use all the advanced targeting options, the problem of this might be that it takes longer to set-up for each individual targeting, and you have to create quite a few ads to cover all the targeting. This adds quite some time for the main person managing the ads, and this is why at Socialbakers, we fundamentally believe this will be a part of the same workflow by people that are in very close proximity. It’s possible, that it might not be people from 2 agencies (creative and media), that brands should think about how to streamline this experience.

This is why tomorrow, Socialbakers will release its new Ad Analytics, the next step in Socialbakers’ PRO analytics suite. It will help you build and target custom audiences with advanced demographics with a click of a button. It will also help you understand time of day effectiveness, country overview and competitor fan overlap.

Companies that embrace the future of social marketing will manage their ad spend strategically across multiple campaigns, reduce risk and opportunity costs, and get the most from Facebook’s attention market.

Bottom line, you don’t want your ad guys to be spending time filling in forms in the Facebook ad interface, but you want them spending time discovering the best targeting possible. Stay tuned for the big launch of Ad Analytics from Socialbakers tomorrow!


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