Ad Analytics, New Ads Optimizing Product from Socialbakers is Here!

Yeah, it’s here! The next step in the Socialbakers PRO analytics suite! Optimize your social ads on Facebook with advanced management features and deep performance monitoring and reporting. Get ready to boost your social success: Ad Analytics launches today!

Ad Analytics, New Ads Optimizing Product from Socialbakers is Here!

A next generation of social business and social advertising has arrived, and it’s powered with analytics! Social advertising has evolved in the last years, and it’s evolved around the News Feed – our research shows that a majority of social advertising is now in the News Feed. The fierce competition for reaching your audience has never been more dependent on the performance of your posts. These days, an effective social strategy requires more than ad spend, it requires ad intelligence.

Launching today, Ad Analytics is ready to optimize your Facebook social strategy with actionable data and control over multiple ad accounts and campaigns. Ad Analytics integrates Facebook’s ad management platform, adding advanced targeting methods and other features not available natively, such as Ad Booster which automatically boosts your best performing content.

So don’t just promote your content: Analyze. Manage. And boost! If these sound like three ad management tools, they are–all in one! With Ad Analytics, bringing your brand’s ads to life in the News Feed is now possible on a single dashboard. Assign roles for your team, create new ads and start campaigning in minutes. Manage your ad spend strategically, reducing risk and opportunity costs.

At Socialbakers, we believe effective social strategy is more than measuring one or two metrics, but all metrics possible and relevant to your goals. Ad Analytics helps you build and target custom audiences with advanced demographics, time of day and placement effectiveness for ads and country overview.

Socialbakers is offering Ad Analytics at fixed pricing plans – as far as we have seen, we are the first company in the business to do that – everyone else wants a certain percentage of your ads. With all that planning and work put into your social ad, why bet only on organic reach when you have Ad Analytics to power and promote your posts?

Click here to register for a Socialbakers demo account. We have decided to do something bold, given that normally demo accounts show you tools on generated data, and we clearly can’t show anyone else’s ad data (no way…), we will give access to Socialbakers’ own advertising data! Experience the tools of the trade for the next generation of social media success. We will probably open the demo more broadly in the coming weeks, but for now are keeping it invite-only, so click the link above to register for a demo!

To learn more about pricing, get in touch with our sales team.

Below you can find a few screenshots from the ad boosting and ad analytics:



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