Socialbakers Releases New Ad Analytics Demo with One Secret Twist!

In a bold and unprecedented move, Socialbakers has opened its own advertising data to anyone who registers for a demo of Ad Analytics. Experience the next step in the Socialbakers PRO analytics suite, and see how the future of social advertising will be optimized.

Socialbakers Releases New Ad Analytics Demo with One Secret Twist!

You heard correctly! Anyone who signs in for an Ad Analytics demo will experience the cutting edge ad management platform–using Socialbakers’ own advertising data! Typically with these kinds of demos users are provided generic data. So why would we make our own ad accounts public for the Ad Analytics demo?

A Real Taste

Generic data would only give users a glimpse of what Ad Analytics is, and not what the tool is capable of doing. With access to real data (our data!), demo users get a full taste of Ad Analytics. Users can track daily changes, and get a real handle on how the tool works by seeing it in action. And with Ad Analytics, there’s so much to show that we couldn’t possibly offer anything besides a fully hands on demo with real Socialbakers data.


We know it’s a bold move, but at Socialbakers we believe in practicing what we preach. Opening our ad account data for the demo is consistent with our high regard for transparency. Users of the Ad Analytics demo will have a unique opportunity to see how we’re handling our ad accounts.

To be clear! It’s only our Socialbakers data that’s public, your data is always yours, and is not published to anyone else.

So Let’s Get Baking!

Try out the Socialbakers demo account of Ad Analytics. Log in with Facebook and check out how we use Ad Analytics with the unique Ad Booster with real Socialbakers data. It’s an invite only demo, but we have decided that anyone who logs in now will have access to the demo for two weeks. So don’t miss your window of opportunity and grab it now. Sign in and see first hand how Ad Analytics can manage, optimize and boost your social business.

The most competitive ads on Facebook are content-driven News Feed ads and posts. Ad Analytics powers your social strategy with visualized performance metrics, advanced boosting and targeting, reporting and control for every aspect of your social campaigns. All of your ad accounts, campaigns, promoted posts and ads are neatly organized and managed under one roof.

Free yourself from tedious monitoring of each account, campaign, ad and post. And spend more time creating awesome content and building your social strategy.

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