Socialbakers opening up local media & marketing partners

Socialbakers look for local media & marketing partners!

Socialbakers opening up local media & marketing partners

At Socialbakers, we have been learning as we are going. Couple months ago, we have opened to local sales partners. This was successful and inevitable step in line with our philosophy. This is also why around 1 month ago, we have launched the Socialbakers Ambassadors and Consuls. These are really great people, and personally I have never seen a more active bunch of social media gurus, and we are so proud hosting them.

Based on our experience, we are opening to new specific group – to local media partners.

What are the conditions to become a local media partner?

An ideal local partner is the local marketing / media industry magazine (printed or online), interesting local marketing blog or another publication focusing on marketing or social media.

What are the advantages of becoming Socialbakers local media partner and what are the requirements?

  1. You will get exclusive reports on a monthly basis from us to include in your reports
  2. You will get 1–1 support from our support and marketing teams
  3. Based on your site typology, you get access to Socialbakers Analytics tools
  4. Beta access to new things at Socialbakers

If you are interested in becoming a local media & marketing partner, please feel free to sign-up here, and we will contact you within next couple of days.


Local Media Partnerships round has been closed for now. If you think you should be part of this list, contact us!

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