Why Attend ENGAGE NYC 2013?

Everyone at Socialbakers is really excited about this year’s Engage conference, taking place on November 21st in New York city. So why come? Well I think that there are three things that you’ll get from attending Engage NYC 2013:

Why Attend ENGAGE NYC 2013?

Engage the innovators.

We’ve gathered some of the leading innovators in social media from all over the world to showcase their successes. Our international cast of speakers will be covering topics such as creating the best social content, social advertising and segmentation, metrics powered advertising and much more! Hear brands such as American Airlines, Intel, Air Asia, and Havas Worldwide demonstrate how they have turned analytics driven insight into action and delivered some of the worlds greatest social media campaigns.

Discover the trends.

What were the biggest trends in 2013? What will happen in 2014? At Engage we will release our highly anticipated 2013 trends report revealing the facts behind the biggest social trends.

Looking ahead we will use our global insights to base predictions for 2014 in user and brand trends, technology and platforms.

Learn the tools.

See for yourself the tools that will drive your performance. Discover the latest developments in uncovering insights into multi-platform social marketing. Be the first to hear new announcements about the new capabilities in the Socialbakers suite for 2014.

You’re Invited!

Engage NYC 2013 is a great opportunity to learn about innovators, hear the trends and see the tools to drive your social marketing to the next level. Don’t miss out and get your seat today!

Oh, we almost forgot to mention the cocktail party! It’s your turn to share your thoughts on the day’s affairs, and rub shoulders with an A-list of experts from diverse industries and markets. Network and connect with peers and mentors. And enjoy the drinks!

We all look forward to seeing you at Engage NYC 2013 on November 21st.

CMO @neil_morgan_uk

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