Track and Benchmark Your Facebook Performance with Socialbakers´ KPI Check

Keeping track of all of your KPIs is essential to a successful social marketing strategy. So is benchmarking your performance against your industry and competition. The new KPI Check in Socialbakers Analytics enables you to do both!

Track and Benchmark Your Facebook Performance with Socialbakers´ KPI Check

Here at Socialbakers, we believe that social is not just about one single metric, it´s about all of them. When assessing your brand´s overall social media performance, you need to consider several actionable metrics. You could perhaps excel in engaging your audience with interesting content, and still be lacking in customer service. In order for you to see how your Engagement Rate compares to your Response Rate and other metrics, we developed the KPI Check, a new Analytics feature that works as a “radar” capable of together detecting your Facebook Page´s strong and weak points. We’ve built it as a spider chart, which we think is a powerful way to view your social brand, like this:

Benchmark Your KPIs Against Your Competition

Socialbakers is the only company in the world to have Pages categorized and can compare performance to industry benchmarks. This means that you can get a comprehensive perspective on your Facebook performance by comparing your brand against other brands or entire industries. Plus it gives you a strategic perspective on your brand’s social profile across the chart (see above), and compare it with the KPIs in your industry overall, or specifically those of your competitors. You can also take advantage of custom benchmarking, and measure up with only the Pages that are relevant to your business. Let´s say you want to see how your airline compares just with low cost airlines or say you are a brewery and want to compare to just dark beer producers. It´s important to have the freedom to customize your competitive analysis because only you know what exactly you need to measure.

From Insights to Action

The KPI Check will provide you with insights that you can act on immediately. Once you see your social performance within the context of your industry and competitors, you can adapt your social marketing strategy accordingly. If you want to see where your brand stands, sign in to Socialbakers Analytics now or try a free demo. To discover more about how you can turn insights into action, join us in New York City on November 21st for Engage 2013, our annual conference about optimizing social media marketing. Hear from global innovators on how they use analytics to drive the performance of some of the world´s greatest social media campaigns. We’d love to see you there!


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