Socially Devoted: Top 10 Brands to Answer Demand in Social Care

This week we’re recognizing the most Socially Devoted brands for Q3 2013. Our industry standard awards brands for exceptional performance in social customer care. Over the last quarter, demand has increased dramatically. More customers are expecting care on social media, and expecting it fast. But are brands able to keep up?

Socially Devoted: Top 10 Brands to Answer Demand in Social Care

As brands have opened their Facebook walls to fans, there has been a significant increase in fans posting questions which would otherwise go to customer service, not the social media team. It would be easy to redirect those questions, but our Socially Devoted brands have realized the potential of social customer care. By integrating Facebook Pages into their customer service, brands have harnessed a powerful social tool which, if used effectively, links a brand’s image with customer satisfaction.

More than offering two-way communication, every post and every answer is a way of socially advertising to millions of fans, and friends of fans. But in making customer care an integral part of their social strategy, brands have also created demand. For some brands, the number of questions posted to their walls more than quadrupled from Q2 to Q3 2013.

Staying Devoted

With the intense attention brands now have from their fans, have they created a social monster? Are they able to remain Socially Devoted at such high volume? Socialbakers has done some investigating, and as it turns out—the answer is yes!

According to our data, the brands with the highest increase in questions posted to their walls were Socially Devoted in Q2, and have managed to keep their status in Q3 despite inflating demand!

The top 10 brands shown below have clearly scaled their efforts to stay Socially Devoted, and Socialbakers joins their fans in applause.

Impressively, these brands with highest demand, and matched devotion to social care, come from not one, but several industries. This suggests that fans of Asus Vietnam and Nutella France, for example, are likewise eager to interact with their favorite brands, and have their customer inquiries addressed via social media. Clearly, the demand for social customer care is rising across the board!

The Benefits of Social Devotion

From Q2 to Q3, social customer care has led to a snowball effect, resulting in more questions posted to brands’ walls, and still more as these get answered. This is not a vicious cycle, however. Brands benefit with every prompt reply, personalizing themselves and learning more about what their customers want, involving them in the process of creating better customer experiences.

Is your brand among the Socially Devoted? You can find out right now with our free app! Connect with Facebook to get started. If your brand, or brands, meet our Socially Devoted criteria, you’ll be awarded a certificate and badge for your website. Get started, and good luck!

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