Top 3 Most Common Marketing Mistakes on Facebook

Have you ever wondered if you are doing a good job with targeting your ads? Or how others are doing it? If you are, here’s a few facts that will help you gain some perspective and improve your advertising efforts.

Top 3 Most Common Marketing Mistakes on Facebook

We investigated over 1 million ads across different industries and markets from January 2012 to September 2013, and this is what we found out:

1. Advertisers don’t test properly.

If we look at the ads and targeting for each ad, we find that advertisers, on average, target 1.7 countries with each ad. Why isn’t this good? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is: less testability when finding out which ad works best in which market.

People on Facebook have different habits in each country. Plus, not localizing ads can hurt your ad campaigns in a big way. Also, when including multiple markets in one ad, we lose the flexibility of budgeting and bidding differently in each market, as prices differ in each one. In the end this can mean that we could be left with campaigns that are more expensive than they should be, and we lose some meaningful insights on differences between each market.

One more thing you should be careful with, even if you plan to advertise in just one market: if you are promoting content directly from a Facebook Page (using the Boost Post button)-and using default Boost Post options-there is the possibility that Facebook will promote your post for multiple locations. If you are interested in boosting posts with advanced targeting options, read more about Ad Booster which can help you do exactly that and much more!

2. Advertisers extensively use interests (keywords) — you should too, but with caution.

We found out that advertisers to a large extent use interests (keywords) to better target their audience. Each ad on average was targeted for 17.7 interests. Don’t forget that you should test those interests to find the ones that are most effective to you! Also, combining different types of interests within one ad can lead to lousy results, so try to create separate ads for those; fishing equipment and fish are not the same thing!

3. Targeting to right age group is crucial — use it wisely.

Think about it, if you target everyone, will you achieve the best results? Is your message the same for some law student and for some fishing enthusiast? Split your audiences into different groups and tailor the ads to offer the best ad copy for each segment. A few more ads to each audience could mean better results, and in the end you will be able to immediately find out which audience works the best for you. The table below shows the most popular target groups by age on Facebook according to our Ads Audit results.

Whichever audience you are trying to reach, never forget to test and optimize your results! Finding interests, age groups or markets that perform really well can help you attract new customers or increase return on investment! Ad Analytics can help you optimize, manage, and boost your advertising on Facebook in one easy-to-use interface, check it out now!

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