Advanced Facebook Tips: Targeting & Engagement

Social media has introduced whole new dimensions to marketing. With streams and timelines, profiles and pages, and hundreds of millions of viewers all over the world - marketers can sometimes feel overwhelmed. But the better you know your social media platforms, the more precise you can be with your targeting and content.

Advanced Facebook Tips: Targeting & Engagement

Today we’ll share some advanced tips for Facebook, and discuss two important aspects of marketing on the platform: engagement and targeting. Even if you’re already a Facebook power user, you may find this article to be a refresher, and learn some helpful tips you may not have considered.

Targeting with Custom Audiences

Basic targeting will promote your brand to people within driving distance of your retail locations, for example – targeting by occupation, interest and location. But you can use your customer email list, newsletter subscribers, app users etc., to build rapport with individuals already familiar with your brand on Facebook.

This method of targeting is called building a Custom Audience. You can import email addresses, Facebook IDs and phone numbers (all encrypted, of course) from your own databases and locate your customers on the network. Then segment these even more, targeting your social ads to specific niches within your custom audiences.

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With Custom Audiences you can deliver custom content. You can experiment with multiple versions of your social ad for different segments of your audience, launching several ads (or tens of ads) at once. Most importantly, you can avoid advertising to your existing customers, and concentrate on content which nurtures their affinity for your brand.

And that brings us to our next set of Facebook social marketing tips.

Engagement with Social Data

An impressive fan count is something to be proud of. But it is not the bread and butter of social advertising. On Facebook, getting people to like your Page is only the start of what can be a beautiful friendship. This all depends on your ad’s content, placement, timing and relevance.

We’ll discuss more content tips in the near future, but here are some effective posting strategies to keep in mind.

Placement: Focus on the News Feed. A recent Socialbakers study confirmed a trend we had anticipated: the News Feed is where more and more social marketing is taking place. You can expect higher visibility for your ad, especially if you consider the next two points.

Timing: Know when to post. Naturally, you want to post your social ads when you expect the most fans to be logged in. Posting blindly will just make your ads costly with less ROI than you deserve. Having an informed schedule will put your ads in front of more active fans, which means more chances the post will be Liked, shared or commented on.

Relevance: Know what to post. Create multiple versions of your social ad for different segments of your audience. Then keep track and compare performance! Knowing what resonates with your audience(s) will help you optimize your content creation for not one, but several demographics. (Another secret: Once you know what to post, the next step is learning what to boost!)

Bonus Tip: Use Analytics

Optimizing your social ad performance takes a lot of insight. But converting metrics into opportunity is what Socialbakers is all about. With our Ad Analytics, you can do more than discover when and what to post, but also create and publish social ads, build Custom Audiences, automate boosting for your best posts, and receive detailed analytics on your performance. With every ad, you can feed back into the creation process and optimize your content.

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