Socialbakers launches Twitter profile statistics

Big day for Socialbakers today, we're launching Twitter profile monitoring!

Socialbakers launches Twitter profile statistics

Starting today, you can find Twitter profile statistics on in the Twitter section. Socialbakers has pushed for 2 years already to bring you the latest Facebook stats available, and we have simply decided, that even though Facebook is still our primary focus, we want to do Twitter as well!

We are introducing the overview list, and we will launch the top brands and media companies on Twitter by Monday August 1st, so you can have all the comfort you have with the existing statistics on Socialbakers.

What surprised us when preparing the stats, is that so many media companies are doing so well on Facebook, and brands are typically much smaller. We will launch those Monday, as we said.

What do you think? Any suggestions what we should be adding to the Twitter statistics?

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