In Social Customer Care, US Has Room for Improvement

The US is a crucial force in the global economy. But how does it fare in terms of social customer care? We decided to investigate, and pitted the country against a somewhat similar market, the UK, to see how they measure up. The results were not that pretty:

In Social Customer Care, US Has Room for Improvement

As you can see, the US on average answers 10% less questions on Facebook than the UK. The Brits are clearly trouncing their neighbors across the pond. But the numbers are even more compelling when you look at the top Socially Devoted countries, which we did last week. All of the Top 10 Socially Devoted countries had a Response Rate above 75% on Facebook, making them, on average, more than 20% more responsive than US brands.

Clearly, the US is lacking when it comes to social customer care. Though a lot of this might have to do with the large increase in demand. On average, US brands receive more than 2× as many questions as UK brands. And indeed, when top US brands do answer questions, they are actually answering them, on average, faster than top brands from many other countries on both Facebook and Twitter. But part of this also points to a big need for improvement: Many brands are still transitioning their social media teams, integrating them with their customer service departments.

We hope to see the US continue to become more and more Socially Devoted, as brands catch up and respond to the growing demand for social customer care.

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