“Embracing Feedback”: Advice on Social Care from KLM

Another story from a leader in social customer care, like others you may have heard from our ENGAGE conference last week. Check out our exclusive interview below!

“Embracing Feedback”: Advice on Social Care from KLM

As we wind down from the biggest social media marketing event of the year, we’d like to take a look at Dutch airline, KLM, one of the most Socially Devoted brands in the world. KLM has consistently appeared in our top 5 Socially Devoted brands in the world, and is considered by many to be the role model for social customer care. As as sign of just how truly devoted they are, they’ve added a live graphic on their Twitter page, updated every 5 minutes, which lets you know how long, on average, you should expect to wait for a reply from their Twitter team.

The other day, two of the leaders of KLM’s social care team stopped into our studio for a quick chat about social care with our CEO, Jan Rezab.

Why Be Afraid of Negativism?

In the video, Robertjan Groenevald, a manager of KLM’s social media team, talks about how 24/7 social customer care is increasingly imperative within the airline industry. As he says, “Our customers are flying 24/7, so we need to be on social media to answer their questions 24/7.” Later, Gert Wim, another leader of social media at KLM, talks about how listening to your fan’s feedback on social can tell you a lot about your brand, even if it’s negative––”Why be afraid of negativism? Embrace feedback––it can be often be positive, but if it is negative, look it as a chance to be allied with the customers.”

Learn more about KLM’s strategy, about the importance of embracing even the most negative feedback, and how KLM became such a pioneer in the new world of social customer care in our exclusive interview, here:

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We will also be hosting a strategic webinar on social customer care, with none other than KLM again, on November 28th at 2 PM, CET.

Also, if you’d like to see if you qualify to be recognized as Socially Devoted with our web application here!

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