Liquor before Beer, Never Fear!

Alcohol brands on Facebook, who are the leaders?

Liquor before Beer, Never Fear!

Have you ever wondered what kind of alcohol Facebook users are most enthusiastic about? Well Socialbakers has been monitoring the progress of alcohol and beer brand pages in order to share their insights.

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and probably oldest alcoholic beverage; it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. The most popular beer brand is Heineken, a Dutch beer which has been around since 1873 and currently has 2,026,747 fans representing a 10% growth in the last month. In fact, they gained nearly 24,000 fans just this past Saturday alone when they posted a Rebus puzzle with the words: Your clue is “Never lost in translation.” The Heineken page is very rich with content, with more than 20 custom tabs ranging from “The Date” tab which follows the Heineken legend as he woos his stunning date on an epic journey, to the “Music Lab” tab which allows fans to download or create their own ringtones.

As the second largest brewer in the world based on revenues, it may not be such a surprise that Heineken is the most popular brand of beer on Facebook, but what is surprising is the beer that comes in at a close second place with 1,933,046 fans, Kingfisher – India’s largest selling beer. While both brands are growing steadily, SocialBakers Page Analytics show that over the last month Kingfisher has actually been growing at a slightly faster rate, which indicates that it could possibly surpass Heineken within the next few months.

Despite the worldwide popularity of beer, it turns out that Facebook users prefer liquor as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey has 2,127,851 fans. While it may only have about 100,000 fans more than Heineken the responses they receive from their posts are incredible. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey focuses their posts on information, history, and trivia related to Jack Daniel himself. They most recently posted:

“Jack Daniel named his saloons “The White Rabbit” and “The Red Dog.” What would you name your saloon?”

This received 1,819 likes and 1,533 comments in the last 20 hours alone. Last week they posted:

“How do you plan on enjoying your Jack Daniel’s this weekend? Neat, on the rocks, or mixed?”

This resulted in an astonishing nearly 4,000 likes and 1,835 comments in just five days.

Clearly, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey fans take pride in their drink of choice however only time will tell if they’ll maintain their lead over Heineken. The page has some great content with custom tabs which include featured recipes as well as a chance to win Mötley Crüe tickets, and it’s clear that the largest jump in fans came after their July 1st post which announced the launch of their Jack Daniel’s Music Reporter application:

“Are you going to a great gig this weekend? We would love for you to share your experience with us. If you register on our JD Music Reporter app you can report for us. Just add #JDMUSIC#EVENTNAME to your Facebook posts. Check out the share section for more details. And even if you can’t make a gig why not check out what others are saying about it.”

After this post they gained more than 60,000 fans in just two days.

However SocialBakers Page Analytics show that despite this leap in fans, Heineken is steadily narrowing the gap:

Also when it comes to engagement rate, Heineken recently lost their lead to Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey:

If Heineken focuses their efforts and gets back in the lead on engagements, then they could possibly gain the lead and beer will win out over liquor. Only time will tell, and it’s only with SocialBakers Page Analytics user friendly and high quality reports, that such deep and complete insights and analysis of Facebook page performances can be achieved.

Belinda Whittaker

Staff Writer

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