A Quick Look Back at Engage NYC 2013!

Last Thursday, we hosted the international conference on social media marketing in New York City. Engage NYC 2013 brought speakers and attendees from all corners of the world. Industry innovators shared their experiences, including successes and mistakes they learned while growing their engagement with their fans and customers. We also learned about new trends and looked at tools for the future of social marketing.

A Quick Look Back at Engage NYC 2013!

Everyone walked away with a bounty of new information and a rich set of resources to help them move their social media marketing strategies forward in 2014. Here’s a few highlights from the conference and a recap of product announcements from Socialbakers.

Engage: The Announcements

Live from New York, it’s Engage NYC 2013!

After welcoming the crowd to the company’s largest event yet, CMO Neil Morgan opened Engage NYC 2013 by introducing the key themes for the day that our speakers would cover, including: how to create the best social content, how to optimize social advertising, and how to be Socially Devoted by delivering the best social customer care.

Watch the keynote presentation by CEO and Co-Founder Jan Rezab. (We’ll be publishing more presentations to YouTube in the coming days, so stay tuned!)

Engage kicked off with some big announcements! Chief Product Officer Jiri Voves introduced premium analysis support for Instagram and LinkedIn now available with the Socialbakers Suite.

The social media landscape has become highly visual and content-driven. With Instagram and LinkedIn included in the Socialbakers Suite, we can help you understand what content works, create the most effective strategy, and benchmark your brand against your competitors and within your industry. You’ll be able to view and measure your brand’s performance on Instagram and LinkedIn on one easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, you can export richly-detailed visualizations for meetings and clients.

Jiri Voves also revealed our new mobile app for Socialbakers Analytics. This includes an executive report of key analytics data for your brand, as well as those of your competitors. Clients can download the iOS app today in the iTunes store! Android coming soon.

Engage: The Presentations

Throughout the day, 12 speakers and four moderators treated more than 250 attendees to their learnings, tips, and advice on how best to engage one’s audience. They covered major topics including social customer care, content and advertising, and their own brand and agency stories.

Let’s look at some of what they shared.

Social Customer Care

Katy Phillips, the Senior Analyst for Social Communications at American Airlines, told us the story of the new American Airlines, rebranding and overcoming challenges by moving its customer care in-house. After they endured the difficult task of getting cross-departmental buy-in, they discovered that authentic conversations and realtime resolutions were the key to creating positive customer engagements.

Karen Le, Head of Social Media at Telstra, Australia’s leading telco, shared the brand’s commitment and strategy for learning what their customers want and giving it to them. She tantalized the audience with her story of their success in improving their response rate; 90% of their tweets are now answered within an hour.

Sam Wilson, representing Woolworths as Digital Editor, was the panel’s version of Clint Eastwood as she illustrated the good, the bad and the ugly of social marketing. She demonstrated these by sharing stories of “the tale of a rogue,” “the tale of an angry designer,” and “the tale of the well-worded job ad.” Ultimately, she left us with the moral to: be smart, be responsive and have a crisis plan in place.

Content & Advertising

Yossi Erdman leads the social media team at Appliances Online as Head of Brand and Social Media, and at Engage NYC 2013 demonstrated how he has made the brand the most engaging in the UK with creative and interactive posts on Facebook. While all of our speakers did a great job and shared lots of useful information, Erdman’s sense of humor kept the audience engaged and awaiting the next zinger.

Virginie Cleve, Head of Digital Marketing at Radio France, shared the successes and mistakes of the radio station as they sought to increase their visibility and engagement on social media, with a limited budget. She emphasized the importance of teamwork, stating “There is no exceptional social media service without an exceptional team.” She left us with a detailed plan of seven mistakes to avoid, and five tips for success.

Agency Stories

Industry Analyst with Altimeter Group, Susan Etlinger, discussed the challenges of overcoming the barriers to social media success. She emphasized that ‘social media is not an island,’ but is approached by various departments in an organization, and that integration of social media with enterprise data should not be without context. Audience members busily took notes as she provided a comprehensive list of how to survive and get around the challenges of reaching social media success.

Stephanie Rodriguez, Chief Enabling Officer at Mighty Media Group Pty Ltd., dealt us a winning hand with her explanation of the four aces of social media: context, mobility, smarter data and creativity. She encouraged brands to discover the meaning of customer interactions online, and to not just rely on numbers. ‘Insights without action is just trivia,’ she says.

Matt Cahill, Director of Analytics at Havas Worldwide New York, and Sabeen Ahmad, Associate Director of Social Strategy at iCrossing, revealed their respective agencies’ techniques for turning insights into action. Cahill focused on KPI abuse, while Ahmad taught us that Optimization = Data + Insights.

Brand Stories

Representing Intel’s Social Media Center of Excellence, Jennifer Lashua shared her experience as Global Social Media Manager. Her emphasis was on finding patterns in data to structure repeatable success, using customized templates and formatting. In other words, she showed the audience how to turn data into actionable insights.

Finishing the afternoon was Jeremie Moritz, Social Media Manager at Pernod Ricard Group in Paris, speaking on his approach to creating meaningful moments for people. “Social is in our DNA,” he says. His parting bit of advice for the attendees was to “know your objectives and measure them on the [Socialbakers] Dashboard.” We couldn’t agree more.

Engage: The Visuals

View a gallery of some great moments at the Grand Ballroom in New York City’s Manhattan Center, where Engage NYC 2013 took place!

Some of our presenters have made their slides available to you on Slideshare. You’ll find Sam Wilson (Woolworths), Virginie Cleve (Radio France), Matt Cahill (Havas Worldwide) and Sabeen Ahmad (iCrossing). More presentations will be available in the near future, so stay tuned!

Engage: The Future

Each Engage conference has been a bigger success than the last. And NYC 2013 continued what has become a Socialbakers tradition: to give you the opportunity to see how our tools are powering the strategies that support the most successful brands in the business.

On behalf of everyone at Socialbakers, we send our gratitude to our all-star cast of speakers and moderators and all the attendees and everyone who watched and tweeted online. We learned a lot at Engage NYC 2013, and we hope you did too!

Stay tuned for more from Socialbakers!

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