Avast Builds a Community of 3.4 Million Fans With Socialbakers

Socialbakers is honored to be recognized in a video testimony given by Avast, provider of full-featured antivirus software serving 200 million users worldwide. To achieve their social media goals and engage such an immense user base, Avast has used Builder, our social publishing and optimization platform. See the video below!

Avast Builds a Community of 3.4 Million Fans With Socialbakers

Avast is taking their community management seriously. As you can see, they have successfully integrated social media into their customer care, and the results are clear. With Builder, Avast has continued their 25-year commitment to excellence by engaging their users online, building a community of 3.4 million Facebook Fans (and counting!).

That kind of Fan count doesn’t come easy, nor is it easy to manage in the era of social customer care. But Avast’s testimony proves that with the right tools and the right state-of-mind, a global community of Fans served is achievable.

Avast optimizes their content and engagement with Builder. On a single dashboard, Avast is able to publish on multiple social media platforms with real-time, visualized feedback of what works and what doesn’t, and keep tabs on their competitors. Builder also enables teams to work in tandem and see reports on their performance. We’re thrilled that our Builder tool is the centerpiece of Avast’s social success!

“We’re proud to say that we have increased our fan base by about 77% since we’ve been using Socialbakers,” affirms Deborah Salmi, Avasts’ US Marketing and Social Media Marketing Manager.

Mutually Assured Success

As our 1000th client, Avast’s testimony also represents a major milestone for Socialbakers. It took us three years to reach that number, and this year we’re celebrating our 2000th! Yes, in just one year we have doubled the number of clients using Socialbakers.

Builder is a social media management and reporting platform, a solution which enables companies to publish and engage their audiences based on competitive intelligence and performance analyses. A highly advanced and customizable rights system allows companies to integrate Builder into their workflow with ease.

With social media becoming an integral part of how a company communicates its brand and serves customers, Builder enables an entire company of multiple teams to collaborate and engage. Assign team roles and delegate content to different departments.

Effectivity is key when it comes to social media management. Insightful reporting on the performance of social management teams is vital for improvement and the growth of your business. In Builder, reporting on team performance will give you a clear view of how your people handle customer care on social media, and who publishes the most engaging content.

Customer care is now a proactive conversation with millions of Fans. Builder empowers brands to steer the conversation and be everywhere they need to be, every time. Socialbakers extends our gratitude to Avast for being an example in exceptional social customer care, and for sharing with us a milestone in Socialbakers’ history as our 1000th client.

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