The 2019 Twitter Updates You Need to Know About

The 2019 Twitter Updates You Need to Know About

It was a busy year for Twitter developers. The social media platform rolled out plenty of new updates, algorithm tweaks, and revised safety guidelines, and the machine shows no sign of slowing down. 

In fact, Twitter’s VP of Design and Research Dentley Davis shared the company’s top five major innovative projections for 2020. If you’re a Twitter user then get excited, because this platform has some seriously cool new ideas.

So now that you know about the recently released features and the ones coming to your platform soon, let’s go over some of the Twitter updates you might have missed in 2019.

Hate-Free Zone

Against the backdrop of escalating violence towards religious minorities worldwide, Twitter announced that the platform would no longer tolerate dehumanising speech against religious groups.

The company took steps to protect the Twitter community by updating their safety guidelines to ban hateful speech on the basis of religion. Twitter insisted that previous tweets violating the new rule would need to be taken down, however they would not lead to a user account suspension.  

Desktop Revamp 

Finally, Twitter heard the cries of frustrated desktop users and gave a polished new look. The redesign of the website offers users simpler navigation with more features.

For example, desktop users now have access to an explore page, enabling dark mode, and creating bookmarks and lists. These new features allow users to more easily discover, share, and save personalized content.

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Follow a Topic

Twitter is a crowded place for content. It’s often a challenge for both users and content creators to find each other.

Thankfully, Twitter noticed the struggle and took steps to correct it through a new feature called Topics. Just like trending topics, users can choose what they’re interested in and follow the thread, however this new feature has more options than solely what’s trending.

So if you’re not into viral cats or pop culture, there’s a topic for you. It’s similar to following an account, but when you follow a topic you’ll only see the top performing tweets about things you love.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Twitter released a new feature allowing users to hide replies to their tweets, giving users more control over conversations. This new tool was developed to ward off trolls and keep conversations uninterrupted.

Twitter is still working with a few developers on creating a faster, more efficient way of hiding replies automatically. Understandably, there has also been some user backlash as this new feature can be seen as a way to silence criticism.

The Gift of Gifs

Just in time for the 2019 holiday season, Twitter started supporting the conversion of iOS Live photos to gifs. While it’s not a major change to the platform, it does improve the convenience of easily posting and sharing gifs.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

The Takeaway

Twitter spent the year hard at work listening to user concerns and creating several improvements to the platform’s interface. With attention given to the desktop display, search optimization, and privacy controls, Twitter took a lot of steps to make the experience better for all users.

After such a busy year of innovation and expansion, we can’t wait to see what 2020 Twitter updates the platform will tackle.

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