Facebook Page Statistics Now Include Important Benchmarking

Understand better all the important metrics of your competition or related business

Facebook Page Statistics Now Include Important Benchmarking

Professional marketing users of Socialbakers statistics are used to monitor number of page fans and their growth in the selected time period. Simple, to the point and as usual – extremely precise.

But what if marketers and business owners can see what percentage of all wall viewers pleased published post with their attention? We decided to reveal the functionality and advantage of 4 important

benchmarks, which are normally available only in the Socialbakers Engagement Analytics.

Now, when you click to our FB page statistics, just like you are used to, you will be able to see top industry leaders with more, very useful benchmarking metrics attached to them. The data you will

see are result of monthly analysis. You would need to see them on day by day basis, for this, go for Engagement Analytics PRO.

So what Benchmarks are now revealed?

ER – Engagement Rate, average number of total interactions to the pages posts divided by the

number of fans in the last 30 days

RR – Response Rate, the pages response rate to the user questions posted on the wall in the last

30 days

PP – Page Posts, the number of the posts by the page in the last 30 days

Score – The score of the Facebook page, a Socialbakers only metric that we create out of 30 different


Don’t forget to use the our trial of free 14 days Socialbakers Engagement Analytics.

Socialbakers enlarged FB page statistics answer another important HOW question of tracking the competition and comparing valuable industry leaders’ best practices.

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