Who Benefits Most On Facebook From Black Friday – E-Commerce or Retail Brands?

Black Friday is the day that one third of all Americans go shopping – with an estimated $11.4 billion spent on that day alone in 2012 in the retail sector. When combined with Cyber Monday, it’s claimed by Deloitte that 47% of us will be shopping online during this time.

Who Benefits Most On Facebook From Black Friday – E-Commerce or Retail Brands?

With this in mind we decided to look at some of the biggest retailers & e-commerce brands Facebook presence’s in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year to try to find trends in their Facebook growth & interaction levels before the busiest shopping days of the year.

Our data has also revealed some interesting stats around the popularity of e-commerce and retail brands on Facebook before and during the shopping period. These stats reveal that retail brands were receiving 72% of likes between February and March in the USA compared to 28% for e-commerce, whereas this moved to 54% retail, 46% for e-commerce brands in November and the period around Black Friday.

The peak in fan growth was before Black Friday itself, with shoppers more active on the day itself in terms of actually purchasing. As you can see from the graph below the e-commerce brands studied do generally perform better than retail brands in acquiring new likes across the period, however in the lead up to Black Friday this gap widens week on week with the e-commerce brands consistently out performing the retail brands.

Despite the above, retail pages are on average bigger than e-commerce pages still due to their massive brand presences and legacy.

However, with e-commerce pages outgrowing them at present, it’s interesting to note that e-commerce Pages are also dominating in terms of the number of interactions in this period, with 65% of the interactions compared to 35% for retail pages.

The top 3 pages from each category in terms of growth in this period were:

Retail: Walmart, Macy’s, and Country Outfitter

E-Commerce: Nomorerack, Hotels.com, Smiley

All of them have naturally been discussing Black Friday in the lead up to the event to boost interactions as you can see from the below posts:

The advantage for retail brands such as Macy’s is their offline content ability – with Macy’s able to boost interactions by talking about their Thanksgiving Day Parade to raise interest prior to the sales for instance. However, on average the E-Commerce brands in total still outperformed in terms of interactions in this key period.

The increase in growth rate during this time inevitably indicates an increase in advertising spend on the platform from these retailers, many of which will be targeting similar pools of potential customers.

On Black Friday, both retail and e-commerce saw significant interactions on their Pages. In terms of interactions, the top three retail brands on Friday were Macy’s with 43,360 interactions, Foot Locker, 20,299, and Southern Tots, 12,881.

The top e-commerce Pages in interactions were ShoeDazzle with 56, 614 interactions, RetailMeNot, 9,946, and ThinkGeek with 4,390.

At peak times such as these it is crucial to ensure that your adverts are performing to their optimum capabilities due to the increase competition. Platforms such as Socialbakers Ad Analytics can help you do this in a quick and easy way to ensure you stay on top of all of your promotions during this peak time.

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