Understanding Engagement Rate on our Facebook page stats

This article will provide you with insides behind the numbers you are working with.

Understanding Engagement Rate on our Facebook page stats

We have recently shown on our statistics pages the key benchmarks that you should be monitoring, when you want to get clear picture of your brand page performance. The new columns that we added are ER (Engagement Rate), RR (Response Rate), PP (Page Posts), and Score.

How do these benchmarks work and how are they influential to the overall page success?

Engagement Rate, ER, measures the interaction, overall activity of your fans like comments & likes on the brand’s posts. The higher the percentage you will see on in the column, the better for the brand, because it means, that the page is sharing interesting content enjoyed by the customers.

Response Rate, RR, means how quickly is the page admin able to respond and react to the posts of the customers on the wall. The percentage represents its relationship to the ideal, which means that every post is commented by the admin. Be careful with the nature of the discussion on your wall, sometimes it is good to let your customers exchange ideas between each other for a while.

Very interesting metric is the Page Posts, PP, which means how many posts were published on the page for the respective period of time. Now, bare in mind, that Facebook can stand up to maximum two posts per day in order to be effective. Posts have to be strong, otherwise they won’t get attention and your social fans will be leaving you gradually. This is very well demonstrated next to the brands, which do more than the recommended 2 posts per day and as a result get overall mediocre or below average attention.

Don’t be upset when your page needs some better figures to shine. Watch your audience and talk to them in a very sensitive manner. Socialbakers stats will show you the result of your strategy soon.

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