Brand Stories from Engage: Intel & Pernod Ricard

In Sharing Brand’s Stories, the final session at Engage NYC 2013 on November 21, we were honored to welcome onstage Intel’s Jennifer Lashua and Pernod Ricard’s Jeremie Moritz. Both discussed the challenges of “glocal” social media publishing, that is global brand appeal with local insights. See below for complete videos of their presentations and panel discussion!

Brand Stories from Engage: Intel & Pernod Ricard

Intel: Insights to Action

The world’s top producer of semiconductor chips would be a tough brand to represent on social media. But Jennifer Lashua explains the secret to Intel’s social success is not getting lost in the data. “There’s more data than any of us knows what to do with,” she says.

As Intel’s Global Social Media Strategist, Jennifer steers a broad network of content publishing. At Engage, she proclaims her love for running, and the pace she keeps at Intel is testimony: she leads a core team focused on content, editorial strategy and planning, community engagement and community management. This team extends to a few hundred “social media practitioners” around the world.

All of this activity creates a lot of data that feeds back into the creative process. So much so that Jennifer warns against data overload. “Try not to let the data define your insights,” she advises.

Jennifer explains that taking insights into action is the easy part—what’s difficult is first turning data into insights. But like hidden diamonds, there are big opportunities to be found in big data if you know where to look.

Watch Jennifer share Intel’s story.

Pernod Ricard: “Stay True and Be Bold”

Founded in 1975, Pernod Ricard is not a digital native. But you would never know that from their social media presence. As Social Media Manager Jeremie Moritz explains, this is because Pernod Ricard is “social at heart.” The company’s founder, Paul Ricard, expressed the brand’s extroversion with the motto: Make a new friend every day.

Jeremie says that while data and insights are important, he has focused his presentation on the mindset of social media. “It’s not about pushing advertising in front of people,” he says, “but trying to create moments of conviviality.”

He says that drawing interest from customers begins with conversation, a little amusement perhaps, and then integrating the value of that relationship with future content. But with a brand like Pernod Ricard that engages and distributes internationally, deciding what content best interests customers is a complex task.

Jeremie cites Socialbakers Analytics as the means for understanding what kinds of content resonate with Pernod Ricard’s audiences. Knowing how to tailor content for different people in different parts of the world has given Jeremie the power to delegate what content will be handled by which global or local teams.

Central to Jeremie’s message, however, is the quality of the brand’s conversation: keeping a consistent, friendly tone, and engaging customers as advocates for the brand. “Stay true and be bold,” he says. If you don’t personally understand your brand’s values, Jeremie asserts, then it’s more difficult to generate interesting content.

Watch Jeremie on stage at Engage!

Watch the panel discussion!

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