#SocialStory2013 Makes Waves at LeWeb Conference in Paris

This year has been a learning lesson for those of us in social media. Just by watching a simple analytics chart, one could see where the social sphere is headed - especially when it comes to brand communications. Instead of long and drab charts or lists, the Socialbakers team decided to make this year easy on the social addicts out there and make a video instead - after all, social is more popular than TV!

#SocialStory2013 Makes Waves at LeWeb Conference in Paris

On December 11th, 2013, Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab took the stage at Le Web in Paris to wrap up the year in social media with a few key facts and figures as well as a quick glance at some of the industry’s most successful social customer care cases. Le Web brought speakers from around the globe to the capital of love to share their most memorable experiences from the past year. Viewers at the venue and streaming online could listen in for a learning experience as well as a kick start on their social media strategies for 2014 with some of our favorite lessons of the year.

You can watch and share the video from right here:

For those of you who do like lists, the key takeaways of yesterday’s presentation were:

  • Even though only 65% of social media inquiries are answered (by just 1/10th of companies present on social!), some companies have already taken the lead in the game by giving their customers the benefit of a response rate guarantee. See KLM’s 60 minutes or less guarantee on Twitter.
  • With 75% of all Facebook Ads being in the News Feed, Rezab suggests, “If you are not using News Feed ads, you will lose in 2014.”
  • Twitter has gone public and has included promoted tweets into its timeline.
  • Google+ is now the lead platform for commenting on YouTube. That means conversations are going deeper and hitting a wider public.
  • The launch of Google’s +Post ads is about to get huge. Socialbakers advises you get on the bandwagon early.

Based on these highlights in the overall social media environment, the signs are clear as day when it comes to next year’s social media game plan. Are you ready to take your team to the next level with storytelling and a new way to look at social customer care? Stick around to learn more about what Socialbakers is planning for your next year in social media and the steps to the top!

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