Social Media Predictions for 2014 by Socialbakers’ CEO

With every passing year we discover more and more about the way people interact with each other online. So far we’ve seen brand to fan interaction increase at a higher rate than ever with new trends in social customer care as well as many new experience-changing features to our favorite social media platforms. After a careful analysis of data from the previous year, Socialbakers CEO, Jan Rezab, clues us in on his expectation for 2014 in ten simple points to delve deeper into before the new year begins.

Social Media Predictions for 2014 by Socialbakers’ CEO
  1. All social ads in 2014 will be native ads.

Content-based and promoted News Feed ads will take the lead at a whole new pace.

  1. Most digital ads in 2014 will be native ads.

In short, most digital ads will eventually turn into social ads. See the data for more.

  1. It will no longer matter where one consumes content, but rather what the content is.

We will stop looking at the difference between mobile, tablet, and computer. Everything will be more connected than ever before as people and devices come together.

  1. Communications and marketing will be closer than ever.

PR will have a new opportunity to tell their stories alongside their social media and colleagues. Smart companies to merge PR and marketing.

  1. The return of the spokesperson.

In the recent years, we’ve watched the title and job of the spokesperson fade away. As content media managers gain presence on the digital sphere, the position will resurface as communication increases.

  1. Good Customer care via social media will not be an exception, but the rule.

The lessons of 2013 are loud and clear now. Last year only 65% of inquiries got answered with 58% of all questions being answered by just 1/10th of the companies present on social.

See more on this in #SocialStory2013 video.

  1. Every social media manager will need to have some media and/or spending capability.

With an increasing amount of native ads a need for boosting posts in real-time will grow.

  1. Leadership, company management will be more involved in social media.

As social media becomes much more prevalent in a company’s reputation, leaders will step in on everything from strategy to execution of social media activities.

  1. Companies will uncover new, effective techniques to reach and segment customers over social media.

Last year was about finding cheap fans and cheap reach. 2014 is about finding real reach, real fans, and real data to segment by defining the right audience to target on each platform.

  1. Digital advertising will refocus to content.

A rising focus on content metrics, competition, as well as benchmarking what works best for content will become more important than ever before.

To hear Socialbakers’ CEO, Jan Rezab discuss these topics further, check out the video playlist of essential social media presentations from Engage NYC 2013 below:


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