Top 5 Socialbakers Stories in 2013

We publish daily to bring you hot topics and expert advice in social marketing. Today, we look back at our readers’ favorite Socialbakers stories in 2013. Recap some of the big announcements, techniques and infographics published right here.

Top 5 Socialbakers Stories in 2013

1. Everything You Need to Know About Hashtags on Facebook


There was a time when using a hashtag on Facebook was a platform faux pas. “This is not Twitter!” some would rant, snickering at those hashtaggers and their—hashtagging. Nonetheless, hashtagging on Twitter has represented a useful way of following conversations and big events, online and off.

So it was that Facebook eventually adopted the resourceful hashtag.

To welcome the announcement and offer tips on using hashtags on Facebook, Socialbakers published this story on the utility and fun of hashtags. We also address some concerns on using hashtags on private posts.

2. Formulas Revealed: The Facebook and Twitter Engagement Rate

It’s no secret that we love data here at Socialbakers. But we also believe that data is just the start, it’s what you do with it that makes all the difference. When it comes to Engagement Rate, a key metric that everyone in social marketing should measure, there are some helpful formulas to help you uncover insights that feed back into your creative process.

In our second top story this year, we share those Engagement Rate formulas and show you how you can collect, visualize and analyze that data and optimize your content.

3. Save Time With Facebook Shortcuts

Another thing we love here at Socialbakers is to be at your service. We know that every second counts in social marketing, and so we prepared a helpful infographic on Facebook keyboard shortcuts. Our goal is to save you time on logistics so you can spend more with your audience.

You’re welcome ;)

4. Watch Out for the Latest Scams on Facebook

Remember that day all of your friends were posting a copied-and-pasted response to Facebook’s new privacy guidelines? No? Well, a pat on the back to you and your friends.

Protecting yourself from scams is a part of our lives online. In the fourth most popular story on our blog this year, we give you some tips on identifying some of the more tenacious scams on Facebook.

5. Engagement Rate: A Metric You Can Count On

If metrics were a magazine kiosk, Engagement Rate would be the gossip section. This tell all metric gives you the scoop on your Page’s interactions, reach and engagement. When it

comes to Engagement Rate, size does matter—so use these helpful tips and leave your audience wanting more.

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