Turkey is Facebook world country No. 4

What is the future trend of this rising star?

Turkey is Facebook world country No. 4

With its fourth position among The top 5 countries on the Facebook, Turkey is doing incredibly well in terms of Facebook country population reaching towards 30 million. With 76.8 million people in Turkey it means that 38.50% is using Facebook. What’s even more compelling is the number of online population, which exceeded 85% and makes Turkey one of the largest market for social media networking.

Why do so many Turkish brands have closed Facebook walls?

Based on the graph below, we can see fairly stable increase in the Facebook users; but what lies underneath this growth? Demographics from Turkey show, that almost one half of the country’s population is under the age of 29, which is the most prevalent age for Facebook fans. Because large portion (more that two quarters) is too young at the moment, we can assume the population of Facebook to grow on constant rate. This stable growth of approximately 1% is evident in our stats as well.

Economy in Turkey is growing fast. The economic growth accelerated to est. 6.7% (annual average real GDP growth for OECD countries 2011–2017) and with almost 25 million people in the workforce, there’s no dispute about the country’s Facebook growth potential. Speaking about technology, there are more than 46 million people using cell phones in homes and businesses, so targeting this country with technological advancements is safe bet for any Facebook page owner.

TOP 3 Facebook brands with biggest number of fans in Turkey are Avea with 1 430 851 fans, Turkcell with 1 078 269 fans, followed by Nike Football with 926 956 fans for the month of July 2011. See detailed overview of top Turkey brands with more compelling analytics.

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