The Grammys Unleashed: How 10 Nominees Perform on Facebook and Twitter

In celebration of the 56th Annual Grammy Awards we take a look at how some of the nominees performed on Facebook and Twitter. Did Justin Timberlake or Rihanna gain more Fans and Followers after the nominations? Or Taylor Swift? Who was more excited about being nominated? Read on for a social media review of this year’s Grammys!

The Grammys Unleashed: How 10 Nominees Perform on Facebook and Twitter

We’ve hand selected 10 of this year’s Grammy nominees (and winners) to see how they’ve measured up on Facebook and Twitter. First, we look at how many Fans and Followers they had gained since the nominations were announced on December 6. Then we studied our artists’ Engagement Rate to see who’s performed on social as well as on stage. See the infographic and chart below.

A clear winner in Facebook Fan acquisition is Rihanna, who has also won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Urban Album. But the award for most engaged (in our study) goes to Lana Del Rey, with Robin Thicke at a close second. It’s worth noting that the most engaged artists are all relative newcomers on the Grammy scene, when you consider the engagement of veterans like Justin Timberlake.

Grammys Fan Acquisition
Grammys Fan Engagement

The 24/7 Concert

As Madonna once said, music makes the people come together. It’s natural that social media would have growing value in how musicians and fans connect. Social is like a venue that never empties—an extension of the artist’s performance. And like any brand, musicians add value to their products by engaging audiences with a bit of personality and conversation.

“Social media has become an indispensable part of the music business,” writes Anthony Wing Kosner, contributing writer for Forbes.

For events like the Grammys, nominees and winners alike can create buzz while expressing gratitude, conversing with fans and showing their personality. Based on the number of Grammy mentions, among our nominees Robin Thicke, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have made the most of their Grammy excitement on Twitter.

The Social Grammys

Since 1959, the Annual Grammy Awards ceremony has recognized the finest artists in popular music. Clearly much has changed over time, but the Grammy continues to represent a pinnacle achievement to its winners. For the last 55 years, some of the biggest and most talented musicians in the world have taken home a Grammy.

The success of the Grammy Awards ceremony might have a lot to do with the popularity of the artists nominated. But we’d like to give some credit to the National Academy of Recording, which issues the Grammys, for its stellar use of social media in recent years. For the last three years the Academy has hosted its Social Media Rock Stars Summit “in celebration of its continuing commitment to the intersection of music and social media”, according to its website.

This year the summit took place under the name Grammy Connect—Where Music and Tech Collide.

More publicly, on there is a lively—and data-tastic!—tab called Social. There you’ll find the home of #MusicUnleashes, a clever campaign and hashtag which has not only promoted the Grammys, but has done so in a way that encourages people to think personally about what it is that “music unleashes”, and then share their answers on social.

(After all, as Daft Punk says on their multi-Grammy winning album, by sharing the music of your life, you give life back to music.)

Creating desire in a way that humanizes your business objectives is the core of what makes social marketing powerful. The social implements of show a clear understanding of this fact. And with the efforts of the artists involved, it’s safe to say that this year’s Grammy Awards has been the most socially active in history.

Congratulations to all the winners in last night’s Grammy Awards ceremony!

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