Congrats Seahawks: We Dared to Predict the Winner!

In case you missed it, here's a recap of our Super Bowl XLVIII prediction! Spoiler: We nailed it!

Congrats Seahawks: We Dared to Predict the Winner!

Let’s start with Twitter. While the Denver Broncos have a bigger Twitter following (463,014 versus 423,768 for the Seahawks), the Seahawks are closing in fast and outgrowing the Broncos. Between January 12th and 28th, the Seahawks added 54,020 new followers to their Twitter account, while the Broncos only added 38,812.

But on Facebook, it’s the other side of the coin. The Broncos outgrew the Seahawks during the post-season by 203,624 fans to 166,980. But, with the Broncos starting out with a bigger fan base, the Seahawks growth was actually a bigger percentage of their total audience – adding 12.7% since Jan 12th, whereas the Broncos added 9.9%.

Fanatical Fans

Next, we looked at the average engagement rates that the two teams are getting on their content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter and Instagram the Broncos are on top, with the Seahawks leading the way on Facebook.

The Broncos have an 11% Instagram engagement rate, and a 5.09% average engagement rate on Twitter, compared to the Seahawks’ 9.3% on Instagram and 4.86% on Twitter. On Facebook, the Seahawks lead with a 1.37% engagement rate compared to 1.32% for the Broncos. All in all, not a lot in it on the engagement front for either team!

Doing the Social Wave

Every football fan knows the excitement of participating in the wave to rally behind their team. It’s a sort of group trash-talk telling the opposing team they’re about to get a smackdown. Well, the online social equivalent is called “Listening.” So we used our Listening tool to find out which team was generating the most Twitter mentions between the 19th when they both secured their Bowl positions, to the 28th. And again the Seahawks edged it, with 51% of the mentions vs. 49% for the Broncos. But the day after they each won their ticket to the Big Game, the Broncos smashed the Seahawks in Likes, as shown below. Once again leveling the playing field.

The Champ Will Be…

NFL is all about momentum, and on the social media front things are pretty tight. OK, so the moment you’ve been waiting for is here. Our prediction for the winner is… the Seattle Seahawks. All that social goodwill gives them the slightest edge for a victory on Sunday. We’re hedging our bets and expecting a tight game, with a 24 – 20 scoreline in favor of the Seahawks based on their social media momentum!

Get your snacks ready, turn on the HDTV and Enjoy the game! Leave us a comment or share and add your opinion.

Post-Game Update

Although no one could have predicted just how badly the Broncos would choke, we’re proud to show that good data and great analytics can predict outcomes. Check out our suite of Social Media tools to create your own winning social media campaigns.

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