A Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Tools: A New White Paper

As social media becomes increasingly all-pervasive, more tools have been invented to help marketers manage the space.

A Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Tools: A New White Paper

It seems like another tool is added to the mix everyday, promising functions and features that maybe you didn’t even know existed, or that you needed. Your average marketer, especially one who isn’t a veteran in the field of social media marketing, can feel a bit overwhelmed, awash in a sea of possibilities without a compass.

We’ve tried to cut through the noise in our newest white paper, which lays out the most common social media tools into distinct, understandable categories. In this white paper, we break down the variety of different:

  • Social advertising platforms
  • Social management platforms
  • Social media advertising systems
  • Social analytics tools

Download our guide now, and learn about the tools that can help you thrive online!

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