Top 5 Reasons to do Social Customer Care on Facebook and Twitter

We’re genuinely proud to recognize the best performers in Social Customer Care. And to mark the release of our latest white paper on the topic (linked below), we’ve selected the top five reasons why your brand should get on board.

Top 5 Reasons to do Social Customer Care on Facebook and Twitter

Our Socially Devoted initiative has spurred excitement and growth in several industries for providing service where customers demand it.

For some background and inspiration, read our white paper Introduction to Social Customer Care.

In the paper we present the case study of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and their journey to becoming a Socially Devoted brand. Learn why having the right tools in place can help you organize and optimize your company so that you can better analyze, engage and promote on social.

But first, read the top five reasons why any brand should be offering Social Customer Care, especially on Facebook and Twitter:

1. Analyze

Providing care on social means more feedback for your strategy. Using analytics to visualize your performance and KPIs is a powerful measuring tool, and gives you insights on where you stand against the competition, industry and region. Your performance data tells a story about your brand. Analyze and understand it to make sure it’s a good one!

2. Engage

Let’s face it, people are demanding Social Customer Care, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Brands that engage their customers on social not only build relationships, but represent continued return on their investment. Also, by engaging with social care you benefit from the remaining points on this list.

3. Promote

Keeping your brand engaged and boosting your best posts are keys to social success. But when customers post their questions to you, answering them in a transparent, personable manner promotes your brand in a way no other form of advertising can match. Create ambassadors out of your Fans and Followers by publicly resolving their queries!

4. Optimize

And don’t just analyze, optimize! It’s a big job to analyze, engage and promote your brand with Social Customer Care. But it’s only going to make a difference if you act on your insights! Use your analytics to adjust and advance your strategy. Metrics and benchmarking are a necessity as much as opportunity for brands to step up their game and improve with every post.

5. Tell Your Story

It’s helpful to be aware that all of your social content tells a story. Your responses to customer queries are therefore part of how your brand is telling that story. Whether or not you have a focused brand narrative, whatever story your brand is telling, Social Customer Care is an opportunity to validate it with real interactions.

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