Socialbakers Goes Global for Social Media Week

Now that Social Media Week, held in eight major cities around the world, has wrapped, let’s talk a bit about the takeaways from the event. There were exciting new innovations to the conference itself, many of which highlighted the global potential for social media marketing that is the event’s raison d’etre.

Socialbakers Goes Global for Social Media Week

Socialbakers on the Stage

Socialbakers had delegates in four cities for Social Media Week (SMW). CEO and Co-Founder Jan Rezab in New York, Regional Director Egon Wilcsek in Hamburg, and Account Executives Massimiliano Polli and Federica Ianiro in Barcelona and Milan respectively.

Local data was used for each city to present a global theme: “Untold Social Media Secrets and How Analytics-Driven Marketers Perform Better”.

Socialbakers at Social Media Week

Jan opened his presentation in New York by announcing that Socialbakers is ready to “support marketers by building better and deeper tools,” referring to the recent funding announcement of $26 million. He proceeded to address topics on social customer care, engagement rates on Facebook, and how best to measure and react to changes in social media.

The growing presence of brands and clutter on social is among the challenges marketers face today. Jan reports, “Today an average Facebook user Likes over 100 Pages. So everybody who thinks their Page is getting organic distribution – forget it.”

But instead of blaming Facebook, Jan said, the secret is learning how to perform and market better on social. Admitting the challenge, Jan implored marketers to step up their game with advanced targeting, analytics and benchmarking tools.

Jan described an “Efficiency Gap” in how marketers operate. A majority of marketers claim competitive analysis and industry benchmarking is relevant, he says, but only a third are actually using tools for deep social performance analytics. He urges marketers not to “fly blind”, but to measure and optimize their content.

Among Jan’s other talking points were earning customer loyalty by providing exceptional social care, which he describes as a continued return on investment. He also illustrated the necessity of intelligent targeting, and boosting the best performing content.

Watch Jan’s entire SMW presentation.

Around the Social World

All around the world, the message resonated: social is the tool that will define the next generation of enterprise, and effective analytics are the way to use it. SMW 2014 was marked by many firsts that showcased the ascendance of social in new markets.

For the first time, SMW had an in-event app, which allowed participants to network with each other around the world, rank all events, speakers, and locations, and connect to livestreams of each speech and other content. Using this app, participants in developing startup markets like were able to reach participants and speakers in the other host cities.

In Bangalore, India, SMW’s newest host city and an expanding frontier for both human rights and digital integration, organizers focused on how to make honest and humane content that could both help drive social change and aid brands in connecting with an increasingly influential mass audience.

Spreading the Message

For brands in multiple industries, as well as nonprofits, Social Media Week represents the burgeoning value of social worldwide. It was our honor at Socialbakers to participate, engage and interact with an international audience in four host cities, but we want to continue to stay involved with the development of conference participants.

Tomorrow, be on the lookout for a Socialbakers press release about our newest marketing survey, which illuminates and visualizes the current state of social marketing. Over 500 marketers from 80 countries and 20 different industries participated, so be sure to check out the results!

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