Engage London 2014: Social Marketers, It’s Time to Step Up Your Game!

Engage is a social media conference for marketers by marketers! Get up close and personal with the world’s leading voices in social marketing. Experts from around the world will divulge their marketing secrets, insights and techniques for creating an optimized social workflow. Don't miss out on the event, the insights – and the cocktail party.

Engage London 2014: Social Marketers, It’s Time to Step Up Your Game!

Check the Engage website for registration details. Early bird pricing now available.

“Analyze. Engage. Promote.” Our theme for Engage this year is a call to social marketers everywhere: it’s time to step up your game!

Today, customers demand real-time care, and expect relatable ads and content. Native ads are taking over, putting pressure on brands to do more than sell, but earn their place on the News Feed with storytelling and engagement. In general marketers have responded by raising their social investments, and most claim that competitive social analysis is important.

But our research shows a worrying trend. A staggering number of marketers are not using insights from analytics to drive their social marketing. They choose instead to fly blind, and miss out on crucial insights they need to see what content is working, which communities are engaging and how to boost their best content to the right audiences.

At Engage London 2014, we’ve made it our mission to reveal who does this the best by bringing together some of the world’s best social media marketers to share their experiences.

In three sessions that signify a social workflow – Engage, Analyze, and Promote – we will spotlight the tools, insights and techniques behind the world’s most successful social brands.

Who’s Gonna Be There?

Crowd favorites Yossi Erdman, Head of Brand and Social Media at AO.com, and Sam Wilson, Digital Editor at Woolworths, bring back their energy, leadership and dynamism to Engage.

World leaders in social customer care, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be represented by Social Media Hub Manager Robertjan Groenveld. And Social Strategist at Google Beth Foster will elucidate the finer arts of optimizing for social media success.

Socialbakers will likewise take the stage, starting with the keynote address given by Co-Founders Jiri Voves and CEO Jan Rezab. Get exclusive access to our recent studies on social marketing, fresh insights and social marketing predictions.

Audi, Lenovo and Universal Music also join the stellar list of brands delivering their message to you at Engage London 2014. Stay tuned for more speaker announcements, and full details on the agenda.

See You At Engage London 2014

You’ve heard the phrase, “The early bird gets the worm”. Well we’ve got something a whole lot better than worms! Registration for Engage London 2014 is now open, so book your seat today and take advantage of – you guessed it – early bird pricing!

A day of insights is just ahead. Join us, and together we’ll make sure the future of social marketing is in good hands. Stay tuned to this blog for more information on Engage London 2014, and follow us on Twitter for continued updates and discussion!

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