Steering for Success: Mercedes-Benz Overtakes the Competition on Facebook

Red Light. Green Light! Mercedes-Benz Races Ahead on Social Media.

Steering for Success: Mercedes-Benz Overtakes the Competition on Facebook

Mercedes-Benz is among the most iconic and best-selling automakers in the world. Its tristar logo represents quality and luxury to consumers, and depicts fine engineering achievement on land, sea and air. But lavish ingenuity is not the only mark of excellence for the brand, as its social media performance testifies.

In recent years, brands of all shapes and sizes have invested more time and energy into social media. Facebook in particular has drawn an influx of brands trying to reach new customers, and nurture loyalty among existing Fans.

Mercedes-Benz has been among the most active automotive brands on Facebook, and with over 3 million added is a leader in Fan growth last year. Mercedes-Benz dominates Facebook Fan interactions among automotive brands, the platform’s most competitive segment.

Most impressively, Mercedes-Benz also keeps a robust lead in interactions globally, placing second to Disney in 2013, and cruising passed BMW, Harley Davidson and Ferrari. “The best or nothing” has long stood as Mercedes-Benz’s slogan, and it’s clear that maintaining brand loyalty through social is another facet of this statement. Socialbakers congratulates Mercedes-Benz on an epic social performance.

Mercedes-Benz Facebook Interactions

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